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New Hope For Psoriasis

Itch..Pain..Unwanted stares and attention..These have been a part of my life ever since that two spots which I thought were purely harmless appeared on my scalp which slowly spread to my forehead and neck. I have suffered from psoriasis which happens to about 3% of the population. It's like a snowball effect and seems unstoppable.

Puzzled with my condition, I opted to use anti dandruff shampoo which showed no improvement. I decided to get a hair tonic from the clinic where the first bottle stopped the spreading of the patches but it relapse when I continued with the second bottle. As the patches spread towards the neck, I consumed gamat thinking it would help. Unfortunately it became a kick start for the patches to spread rapidly and I gradually suffered pain in my joints. The dermatologist I consulted prescribed me body soap, shampoo and steroid cream for topical application. The effectiveness of this treatment was only seen with continuous application of the cream or else it would relapse. So I decided to give another treatment (Ayurvedic) a try. This treatment with special vegetarian diet which made my spreading condition stagnant but it did not help to improve my condition. Therefore, I gave up half way.

I was bed ridden for almost 2 years because my joint was inflamed and I couldn't tolerate the pain. I attended Reiki therapy which helped to alleviate some pain and discomfort, and I was able to walk again. But the psoriasis condition did not improve. Subsequently, I tried a few traditional treatments, yet it went in vain.

The turning point for me was when I attended a health conference and I was introduced to stem cell treatment. I was curious about this treatment and started doing some research. I came to know about Cytopeutics. I decided to give one last try keeping my fingers crossed. Here, I was reviewed by a panel of specialist doctors. My first treatment was an IV infusion of stem cells where it showed significant improvement in my blood test but not on skin. I continued second treatment, which was a localised administration, and in just 2 weeks flaking and redness have reduced. I witnessed dramatic changes as weeks gone by. God knows how thankful I was.

Currently, my social life has improved. I have been on many medicines and treatments but Cytopeutics gave me support physically and mentally. I felt like I am physically reborn.