Company Overview

Cytopeutics is one of the leading and responsible pioneers in stem cell research and treatment. After more than a decade of evidence-based research and development, combining the expertise of scientists around the world, Cytopeutics is now ready to offer its capabilities to help people with diseases that were previously deemed incurable.

At Cytopeutics, our goal is to bring comprehensive stem cell treatment solutions to Malaysia and Asia Pacific Region so that lives can be improved for the better. We currently have concluded our stem cell research in heart failures, heart attack, refractory angina, osteoarthritis (knee) and diabetic foot ulcer, and we will progressively offer proven treatments under observation.

Our pilot treatments are conducted with utmost professionalism. Under our technology and protocol, the calls are handled under the strictest standards, in a certified clean room environment and transplanted to patient only by highly qualified professionals.

Our Vision

To provide proven stem cell therapies in a professional, responsible and ethical manner for the benefit of people everywhere.

Our Mission

To be the global leader in stem cell treatment.